Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PTC - Paid to Click (Part 1 - Alert Pay - Online Payment System)

PTC - Paid To Click

Earn money on Alertpay account clicking on ads

Lets begin - PTC (Paid To Click) are services (web sites) that pay you per every click you made on their site.

Everything that you need to start really earning money on your Alertpay account is:

  • Alertpay account (you can register it for free) where your money will be sent
  • One Email address (required for registration on PTC services bellow)
  • Signup to listed services
  • Everyday about 25 minutes to click on all ads and this is it :)

Maybe you think that they don't really pay, i must say you are wrong because i get payed, all PTC (Paid-to-Click) services mentioned in this website are 100% free and 100% scam free.

Now let's start earning money!

Setting up a Alertpay account (if you have Alertpay account you don't need this)

  • Go to Click sign-up.
  • Fill-up the necessary information.
  • Confirm registration through email.

Now you can join Paid-to-Click (PTC) sites for free and start earning money.

There are two ways to earn money to alertpay

Clicking ads.

Referring people. (You will also earn every time your referrals click an ad. So try to refer more people and you will earn more.)

There is NO start-up money or capital involved in here. All you need to do is to register for free and click some ads. You can also refer people (your friends) and earn everytime they click an ad.

There are so many PTC - Paid to Click sites available in the internet, but I will provided the best for you in my next Post. And as I said earlier, these sites are 100% free and 100% scam-free. They really pay!!!

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